Multi-stand rolling mill ENNE150

The ENNE 150 model is a multi-stand rolling mill designed specifically by INVIMEC for cold rolling of strips, plates, flattened wires, bars and profiles.

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Multi-stand rolling mill for strips, plates, flattened wires, bars and profiles

The strength of the machine lies in its ability to adapt the reduction percentage and sequence to the material to process according to needs: in fact, the pair of powered screws on each stand allows adjustment of the distance between the rolls using the HMI panel.

Based on specific needs, it is also possible to choose to work with all the stands or only some of them, simply by setting the various programs.

Stand type:
modular, opening options
Typical configuration:5 - 6 - 7 heads
Max thickness input:8.0 mm
Min thickness output:0.5 mm
Max width:
50 mm
ø roll:150 x 100 mm
Installed power (each stand) from 3 to 7,5 kW
Avaiable options:line measuring system, additional stand, jumper for final calibration, chrome plating on rolls


  • gold, silver, platinum alloys
  • alloys for welding and brazing
  • Nb, Zr, Ta, Hf based alloys
  • multi-metallic materials
  • special alloys and superalloys


The ENNE 150 multi-stand rolling mill has endless strengths making it the ideal solution for industrial sector rolling:

  • the machine is extremely simple and intuitive and, having inserted the first stand, the process is automatically implemented without the operator;
  • the operator is completely safe, while at the same time maintaining maximum accessibility and easy inspection;
  • the rolling mill has a modern design with reduced dimensions, maintaining ergonomics and easy use.


The ENNE 150 model can meet any rolling need:

  • the number of stands is completely customizable and is determined based on the reduction required and material to process;
  • the integrated single-drive technology, created using modular stands, guarantees maximum flexibility and adaptability of the material to process;
  • the independent automation of each stand combined with the sophisticated wire tension electronic adjustment system, allow successful rolling even on critical or non-rollable materials on traditional systems.

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