Multi-stand rolling mill EFFE2040

The EFFE2040 multi-stand rolling mill is a machine for cold rolling of wires, bars and profiles in various materials.

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Multi-stand rolling machine for wires, bars and profiles

A unique and compact design, EFFE2040 it is a powerful and flexible machine. Thanks to the tandem rolling system, loss can be reduced due to burrs or scrap to limit the possibility of product errors caused by traditional rolling systems.

Stand type:modular, opening option
Max imput:25 mm
Min output:0.5 mm
ø roll:200 x 100 mm
Installed power (each stand) from 5 to 9.5 kW


  • gold, silver, platinum
  • alloys for welding and brazing
  • Nb, Zr, Ta, Hf based alloys
  • superconductors
  • multi-metallic materials
  • special alloys and superalloys
  • difficult to draw materials


The structure of the machine allows a clear view of processing and allows various maintenance and control operations to be carried out in complete safety by the operator. Furthermore, after insertion of the first stand, semi-finished production is automated.


The tandem lamination system combined with single drive technology allow niche issues to be met. The various rolling stands can be included or not, according to needs, to obtain customized shapes of rolled wire.

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