Modern jewelry making and equipment for jewellery

attrezzature orafi laminatoio orafo lavorazione metalli preziosi invimec

After the industrial revolution and with the modern age, goldsmith workshops and jewelry making in general underwent many changes and development.

Since ancient times, goldsmith workshop’s goal was to work with precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum, in order to create jewels and high value ornaments. Thanks to industrialization, goldsmith workshops evolved, and the automation of jewelry machines slowly replaced manual labor.

Today, thanks to combination of tradition and technological innovation, the new industrial goldsmith workshop offers a variety of jewel more elaborated and modern, refining the entire production chain and keeping reasonable prices

The evolution of jewelry machinery was crucial: modern equipment for jewelry are able to automate the rolling, forming, cutting and shearing process, with excellent work performance and reduction of human assistance.

Today, which are the main industrial machines for jewelry and the equipment for a modern jewelry business?

Rolling in jewelry sector: rolling mills for jewelry

One of the most important feedstock in order to create jewels is metallic wire, or wire rod: a semi-finished product made of gold, silver, or other precious metals, wound in a coil in order to ease the work with a rolling mill.

Generally, the rolling phase includes multiple passages of metal wire between the rolling mill’s cylinders. In this way, the wire will become thinner and thinner, until the achievement of the dimension needed.

In particular, the function of rolling mills for jewelry is to press and roll precious wires or stripes automatically, to obtain high precision semi-finished both in thickness and in width, with millesimal tolerance up to 0.5mm.

INVIMEC rolling mills for jewelry are able to roll the entire metal alloy range, with specific dimensions and shapes for the jewelry sector.

In the wide range of INVIMEC rolling mills for jewelry sector we can find:

  • Wire rolling mills: train of rolls to produce any kind of wire, for example solid wire, hollow wire, shaped wire, wire for machine made chain (goldfilled, aggraffato, placcato, rope)
  • Strip and plate rolling mill: train of rolls to produce stamping and blanking, various chains (of strip, beads and spring rings) and tubes, bar and coin for earrings and bracelets.

Forming for jewelry sector: jewelry forming machines

After the rolling process with the wire rolling mill, the next phase would be forming the metallic material: from stripes or plates of different dimensions it is possible to modify their shape to make it a tube.

The forming machine is used for the production of tubes, with or without welding, with round, square, rectangular or special profile, and with the possibility to insert a core for the production of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings of different dimensions and shape.

In the jewelry sector, INVIMEC tube forming machines are able to work with a single or double line simultaneously, in some cases even combining forming and rolling, to produce a wide range of semi-finished jewels.

Cutting and shearing in the modern jewelry making

In order to satisfy different cutting and forming profile demands in jewelry, it will be used cutting and shearing machines.

INVIMEC’s cutting and shearing industrial machines, with their reliable structure, can make profiles and cuts, single or multiple, adjustment or component, avoiding breakage and twisting. This process is important to complete the production of semi-finished component for jewels in material like gold, silver and platinum.

With more than 55 years of experience in jewelry sector, INVIMEC designs and manufactures cutting and shearing industrial machine for plates, strips and bars, in order to produce components for jewels like stamping, blanking, tubes, coins and hollow chains.

INVIMEC’s wide range of machines for jewel sector

The development of innovative solutions for jewelry, is the core business of INVIMEC’s 55 years of history. The company designs, manufactures and offers a wide range of machines to process precious materials: train of rolls for jewelry, forming machines for tubes with por without welding, forming machines for aggraffato or placcato and also cutting and shearing machines.

From goldsmith workshops to large jewelry companies, INVIMEC solutions can adapt to every production need, in order to simplify, speed up and optimize, the production for semi-finished products for jewelry.
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