Invimec innovation: rolling mills with independent stands

invimec treno laminazione laminatoio single drive

In a previous article, we talked about how the requests of jewelry production in the 80s led Invimec to designing and manufacturing an extremely innovative technology: tandem rolling mill.

20 years later, a new solution arrives: train of rolls with independent stands.

Single-drive technology

In the early 2000s requests for jewelry production changes again. Invimec stands out thanks to the designing of train of rolls with independent stands (called single-drive), that are used in the machines EFFE2010 and EFFE2015.

This solution allows to:

  • increase daily production;
  • roll wire with bigger diameter;
  • handle the wire tension between stands;
  • make wire reduction that are variable and storable.

Customization as a new frontier of rolling

A fundamental strength of this technology is the flexibility, due to independent stands, and the possibility to change shape of semi-finished products: from square or octagonal can become round, half-round or oval.

Furthermore, this application is used in rolling wire and strips in jewelry production (precious metals, special alloys, copper, brass, aluminum), but is also used for industrial material, like special steel, aluminum alloys for welding and brazing, usually considered difficult to draw.

This, and the flexibility that characterizes the single-drive technology, allows to create a specific software for every different alloy, avoiding typical drawing tension problems.

For this reason, the final product has a significant improvement of mechanical properties, with a minimum loss of material.

New challenge for rolling: Invimec’s futurelaminatoio_automatizzato_effe2010

Invimec rolling mill’s production is distinguished by innovative technologies, but the strong points are competences and know how: an expertise grown in years of work, the entire team is committed to an improvement of quality processes.

Today the company, after developing 7 different rolling mill models, is ready for a new challenge: design a innovative model of train of rolls that can work diameters of wire rods until 25mm of diameter.

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