Multi-stand rolling mill EFFE2009SD

The EFFE2009SD machine is a model of rolling mill suitable for wires and strips. It was designed to be compact and easy to manage

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Multi-stand rolling machine for wires, bars and profiles.

INVIMEC stands out by offering the drawing process through multi-stand rolling. The result is an increase in the mechanical characteristics of the semi-finished product and the absence of problems caused by the drawing tension.

Inside the rolling machine, the presence of the modular stands, combined with the sophisticated wire tension electronic adjustment system, allow successful rolling even on critical or non-rollable materials on traditional systems.

Stand type:modular
Max imput:10 mm
Min output:0.5 mm
ø roll:104 x 30 mm
Installed power (each stand) from 1.1 to 2.2 kW


  • gold, silver, platinum
  • alloys for welding and brazing
  • Nb, Zr, Ta, Hf based alloys
  • superconductors
  • multi-metallic materials
  • special alloys and superalloys
  • difficult to draw materials


For INVIMEC, the worker’s safety is always a priority. Our machines are managed using keypads and touchscreens and the wire is automatically passed in the rolling sequence.

The operator can easily control all the rolling operations, having total access, without ever being in danger.


Thanks to single-drive technology, each rolling station can be individually calibrated. This guarantees flexible and adaptable processing based on the nature of the product to process. It is also possible to control the various parameters: speed, tension of the wire, power and much more.


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