Multi-stand rolling mill EFFE2006

The EFFE2006 rolling machine is the result of INVIMEC’s proven experience in tandem rolling of precious and non-precious metal wire.

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Tandem wire cold rolling mill with fixed heads

This process was designed both for considerable production and niche production, guaranteeing an optimized result, with less scrap and reduced processing time compared to other types of rolling mills.

Version:8 heads/ 10 heads / 12 heads
Max imput:6 mm
Min output:0.5 mm
Speed:up to 90 mt/min
ø roll:90.4 x 25 mm
Installed power (total): 5,5 kW


  • gold, silver, platinum
  • chain wire
  • wire for hollow chain, aggraffato, rope, placcato
  • goldfilled
  • spring rings, clasps


The machine meets occupational safety requirements: it does not require full-time operator supervision thanks to the spoolers that simplify the procedures considerably. Furthermore, the wire is inserted at the entrance and automatically passes through the rolls and guides, up to the end of the rolling sequence.


The various rolling heads can be combined in various ways to create solutions to roll every metal, hollow or solid, regardless of the inner core.

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