Forming machine Continuous placcato

This model is a machine for continuous forming designed specifically for the production of gold placcato bi-metallic profiles, welded or not, closed, open or customized, starting from a simple strip.

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Forming machine for placcato bi-metallic profile

It is a strong and easy to use forming machine with extremely reduced overall dimensions, ideal for the production of precious hollow chains.


The placcato profile forming machine offers various customization options to meet a wide range of forming needs:

  • According to the reduction and the material of the end product, the number of stands can be customized. The strength lies in the single-drive technology created using modular stands which guarantee maximum flexibility and adaptability of the material to process.
  • Each stand is independently automated and can be individually opened, to allow any cylinder to be included or bypassed during rolling and thereby create partial reductions or particular profiles (single-drive technology)