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Second-Hand Jewelry Equipment

Making Jewels require professional tools in order to get the right quality and the precision that anyone would like. Used jewelry equipment provide cost effective and affordable alternative to acquiring new equipment, especially when strained economically. Various used jewelry equipment that are available options. This equipment are categorised according to their functions. Flex shaft a very important equipment that makes bench work easier. A flex shaft system contains a holder, a hanging motor with a long drive shaft linked to it, a foot pedal as well as a headpiece. The headpiece can be utilised many diverse attachments that slice, sand, polish, burnish, abrade, drill, and hammer materials such as wood, wax, metal, glass, plastic and stone as well. Making certain considerations when choosing used jewellery equipment, such as flex shaft, is important. For instance, production jeweller needs a flex shaft with good horsepower (HP), sufficient revolutions per minute (RPM) and torque.

Second-hand jewellery equipment that is essential is the hand piece. The type of hand piece that one needs depend on the kind of work to be done. Types of hand pieces available include a quick-change hand piece - a hand piece that works with 3/32 inch shank attachments; Jacob's chunk hand piece with a chunk key that opens and closes three gear-toothed jaws that holds attachment shanks of various diameters. Collet hand piece, which is basically designed for production work. Then there is a chisel hand piece that is designed for carvers and works like a miniature jackhammer. Then there is a hammer hand piece that is utilized for texturing, stone setting, and burnishing. The hammer hand piece needs high horsepower and low speed motor. Getting any of these used jewelry equipment, needs serious consideration of the specific tasks to be done and the condition of the equipment is of essence too.

Using second-hand jewellery equipment can be advantageous to beginners as well as those who want to try out on jewellery making. They tend to be low-cost as compared to purchasing new jewellery equipment. However, it would be disastrous to select a second-hand jewellery equipment without proper consideration of mainly the task at hand. Similarly, it is also essential to consult with professionals in the industry to get quality equipment and those that will serve effectively. Poor choice of such equipment might lead to unsatisfactory outcome and unnecessary utilisation of effort.

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