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Our Core

Invimec is specialized in cold rolling mill and forming solutions. Specific and niche problems can be solved thanks to the long experience and know-how achieved, especially in small and medium productions.
Winning tool of the company is the total modularity of the multi-stand tandem rolling mills, customizable depending on specific requests, even combining rolling and forming units to produce rolled/profiled products.

The applications

  • special alloys
  • copper
  • brass
  • alluminum
  • welding wire
  • brazing alloys
  • precious metals
  • profiled bars
  • hard-to-draw materials
  • ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.
Final users vary from general mechanics to welding world, from electronic to medical, from jewellery to watch making as awell as industries related to special wire and strip production.
Our Products


Multi-stand tandem rolling mills to produce wires, profiles, bars.

Number of stations is variable and customizable to realize the requested reduction; many options and sensors are available to increase the automation level of the machine.
With SINGLE-DRIVE technology, each rolling stand can be tuned with several settings and can be included/excluded upon necessity.


Trains of rolls multi-head to reduce thickness of plates or to flat wires into strips.
Edge rolling available to correct width.
Number of stations customizable depending on material and total reduction. Versions available: fixed or totally automatic to have full production flexibility.


Simple or complex forming applications, with single or multi-core insertion by soldi material and/or powder.
If necessary rolling stations can be integrated with forming for special purpose solutions.


Thanks to decades of experience INVIMEC produces and reproduces on request any kind of rolls and cylinders for rolling, forming and shearing machines.
All parts are realized from drawing and/or as spare parts of existing machines.
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Istanbul Jewelry show
Invimec exhibit at Istanbul Jewelry show will be held in Istanbul , Turkey at Mega Hall pavillion Booth number 5T44, 12-15 March 2015.

OroArezzo Jewelry Show
Invimec exhibit at OroArezzo Jewelry show will be held in Arezzo from 9 to 12 May 2015 at Tech pavilion both number 101T.
EPHJ Watchmaking-Jewellery show
Invimec exhibit at EPHJ Watchmaking-Jewellery show will be held in Geneva, Switzerland from 2 till 5 June 2015.

HONG KONG Jewellery show
Invimec exhibit at HONG KONG Jewellery show will be held in Asiaworld-expo booth number 11 T09 , 16-20 September 2015.