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Wire rolling mills

Problems related to the production of hollow wire are noticeably reduced by correct preparation of the folded tube and automation of the rolling process.

Train rolling mills make it possible to obtain high quality hollow wire with constant specifications along its whole length, leading to a considerable reduction in costs due to both savings in processing time and the possibility of employing non-specialised personnel for only short periods of time, Automated reduction reduces the margin of error and if combined with correct preparation of the folded tube, it is also possible to optimise subsequent processing by the chain machines.

INVIMEC specialises in the entire hollow wire production process: from lining to rolling to the required diameter.

Maintaining quality standards, guaranteeing finished chain weight and constant split position are some of the benefits that allow INVIMEC customers to maximise their advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

Special scaling for specific materials are normally designed and tested for particular requirements.

Looking for reliable gold wire rolling mill manufacturers?

Founded in 1963 in Vicenza, Italy INVIMEC is now one of the world's leading gold wire rolling mill manufacturers. In 2000, the company developed a new concept in rolling mills for the wire and strip metal industries; multi-stand single-drive independent motion wire rolling mills for all types of wire and plate metal. Today, a range of innovative and highly specialized products has made INVIMEC wire rolling mills the first choice for jewelers and metalworkers around the globe, also perfect for precious metals and high technology special alloys involved in industrial applications.

INVIMEC continues to innovate with flexible multi-stand tandem rolling mills that can be configured or customized to the customer's specifications. The number of stations is variable and a wide selection of sensors is available to increase the automation level of machines. Multi-stand wire rolling mills are the ideal choice for jewelers; they can be tuned to various settings for the creation of different pieces such as wedding rings, earrings, or bangles, for example. Furthermore, safety is assured throughout the entire manufacturing process as all parts are guarded and threading is fully automated and hands-free.