rolling mills technoligy invimec

Wire Applications
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Hollow wire, aggraffato, placcato
  • Goldfilled
  • Brazing alloys
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Tandem rolling mill suitable for cold rolling EFFE2009

Train of rolls suitable for cold rolling of wires, in precious or not metals, solid, hollow or filled with internal cores.

The rolling mill gives top quality production along with extreme easiness, short working time and without comstant operator presence.
Safety is total as all parts are guarded during all operations and threading is completely hand-free, so the wire is fed and pass through the rolls and guides, all automatically till the end of rolling sequence.
Decoiler, coiler and bending device lead to minimum operator work and reduce the necessary overall space.
Trains can be coupled in different ways, with configuration straight, angle, opposite or with auxiliary equipment.
Special version for hollow, aggraffato, placcato, goldfilled and similar.
Available Version 08 heads, 10 heads, 12 heads
Max input 10 mm
Min output 0.5 mm
Speed up to 90 mt/min
Roll ø 105 mm
installed power 7.5 kW
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