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Wire rolling mills Applications
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Hollow wire, aggraffato, placcato
  • Goldfilled
  • Brazing alloys
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Gold wire rolling machine

Tandem rolling mill suitable for cold rolling EFFE2006

Train of rolls suitable for cold rolling of wires, in precious or not metals, solid, hollow or filled with internal cores.

The rolling mill gives top quality production along with extreme easiness, short working time and without comstant operator presence.
Safety is total as all parts are guarded during all operations and threading is completely hand-free, so the wire is fed and pass through the rolls and guides, all automatically till the end of rolling sequence.
Decoiler, coiler and bending device lead to minimum operator work and reduce the necessary overall space.
Trains can be coupled in different ways, with configuration straight, angle, opposite or with auxiliary equipment.
Special version for hollow, aggraffato, placcato, goldfilled and similar.
Available versions 08 heads, 10 heads, 12 heads
Max input 6 mm
Min output 0.5 mm
Speed up to 90 mt/min
Roll ø 90.4 mm
Installed power 5.5 kW
Our experience has suggested us to plan a overhang rolls machine in order to have rolls and lead-in guides easily removable and making easier the wire going out from intermediate heads. All this, the cheap price and the chance of having machines with 8-10-12 heads, show how much this machines are suitable to large and average productions.
Main features:
  • - new bearings scheme to increase their life;
  • - automatic and centralized bearings lubrication;
  • - new look, compactness, dimensions reduction and better functionality.

Technical characteristics:

5.5 kW motor, production speed from 20 to 70 m/min, number of heads 8-10-12, oil lubricating and cooling system of the wire.
Overall dimensions: 8 heads 2850x650x1250, 10 heads 3300x650x1250, 12 heads 3750x650x1250; weight 1200-1500-1800. Reduction range: from ø 6 to ø 0.5 mm.
Welded steel basement, standard speed reducer, modular rolling heads with treated steel shafts and gears, easy adjustable vertical regulation fixed using fitted shim, rolls ø 91 mm in treated high-cromium steel. Loose decoiler, governed coiler with adjustable clutch or other personalised solutions.

Gold wire rolling machine manufacturing

Invimec specializes in the manufacture of versatile and efficient machinery for the jewelry and metalworking industries. Its gold wire rolling machine combines extreme ease of operation with reduced processing and eradicates the need for constant operator presence. These innovative automatic cold wire rolling machines are used predominantly by jewelers and goldsmiths and by various manufacturing industries.

An innovative cold wire rolling mill

Each part of Invimec's automatic cold wire rolling machine is guarded, ensuring operator safety through each step. Threading is completely hands-free; the wire is fed automatically and passes seamlessly through a series of rollers and guides till the end of each sequence. The flexible jewelry wire making machine incorporates a decoiler, coiler and bending feature. It requires minimum operator input and its compact design means that it takes up less space.

A versatile and efficient gold wire rolling machine

The innovative Invimec automatic cold wire rolling machine introduces an automated process to work that is usually completed manually. Trains can be coupled and configured in various ways including straight, angled or opposing. There is also a special version for hollow, plated, solid and other types of wire.
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