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Tube & Pipe profiling forming machines

Gold Forming Machines

Invimec has been designing, developing, and manufacturing profiling machines and hollow tube gold forming machines for over 40 years. Alongside its traditional models, the company is pleased to offer its customers a patented gold and precious metals forming machine with a dual profiling head.

Jewelers can now use the same gold bangles machine to create welded gold tubes in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes. Subsequent drawing, rolling, engraving and cutting operations are supported by a series of gold jewelry machines and equipment, all of which can be custom designed by INVIMEC to suit the customer's specific requirements. 

Taking gold jewelry machinery to a new level

INVIMEC can supply gold forming machinery for your entire production line, from the initial creation of the welded gold tube through cutting, turning, folding, and engraving to the final attachment of clasps and fittings. The Invimec gold bangles machine is a world leader, an outstanding rolling machine with a choice of 9 precision-built heads that is ideal for the production of aggraffato, plated, bi and tri-metallic profiles.

The company is known for quality, innovation, and reliability; its comprehensive range of gold jewelry machinery has been meticulously developed to completely satisfy the needs of the brand's most discerning clients. Invaluable to jewelers and precious metal workers, INVIMEC machines are the first and most important step in the manufacture of:
  • - beads
  • - bracelets
  • - necklaces
  • - bangles
  • - earrings
  • - rings
  • - and many other hollow gold tube products.

Save space, effort, time, and money with flexible and reliable Invimec forming machines. You can produce beautiful jewelry, metal products, and profiles using the same machine instead of having to instal several. Furthermore, Invimec's automated gold bangles machine requires minimum manual input. You'll enjoy the benefits of a faster and more streamlined production line with less waste, and you will recoup your initial outlay in just a short time.

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