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Tube & Pipe making machines Applications
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Hollow wire, placcato, rope chain
  • Goldfilled
  • Spring rings
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Continuous SINGLE forming machine for the production of tubes, pipes and profiles

Continuous forming machine for the production of tubes, pipes and profiles, welded or not, closed, open or customized, starting from a strip.

Easy and strong machine suitable to form any metal with extremely reduced overall dimensions.
Working speed is adjusted by means of a continuous mechanical speed variator; multiple cut shearing head available as an option to prepare the input strip.
All tools are adjustable and interchangeable with extreme easiness and rapidity, to give the best flexilibity of production.
Welding is performed with the most up-to-date technologies depending on the metal used.
Special version for hollow rope chain, sping rings, goldfilled and similar.
Forming heads nr. 7
Min tube ø 2.5 mm
Max tube ø 14 mm
Thickness 0.13 - 0.70
Speed up to 4 mt/min
Nominal roll ø 70 mm
It's a Forming machine with one forming line for the construction of close-welded tubes and profiles, with multiple cutting shear included. It has been studied to make both open or closed and welded profiles, with the most modern welding technologies, starting from metal strip. Working speed is regulated by mean of a continuous mechanical speed variator.

Suitable for the construction of round tubes with a min. ø 2.5 mm and max 14 mm, or square tubes with a min side of 2 mm and max of 8 mm. Oval tubes can also be obtained along with half round, rectangular and other forms required by the client, provided that metal strip expansions do not exceed 35 mm. The thickness of the metal strip depends on the dimensions of the section; it may vary from 0.13 to 0.7 mm.

Some technical characteristics: 1.5 HP governing motor, production speed from 0.4 to 4 m/min., number of heads 7, roller ø 70, shafts ø 25x50, overall dimensions 1200x400x1150. Weight without welder 300 kg.

An high quality gold pipe making machine

Transform your production line and enjoy enhanced productivity with an INVIMEC gold pipe making machine. With over 40 years of hands-on experience and industry knowledge, Invimec is a market leader in gold rolling and forming machines for the jewelry and metalworking sectors. Its continuous forming machine is able to produce tubes, pipes and profiles in a vast range of sizes. Starting with a strip, this versatile gold jewelry machine can create welded or unwelded, open or closed, or fully customized tubes according to your needs. Easy to operate and requiring no special training or installation, these machines are suitable for all types of metal and can work within even the most reduced dimensions. 

Easy to use and highly efficient

Like all Invimec equipment, the company's gold pipe machine can be tailored to your personal requirements. A mechanical speed variation control allows you to easily adjust the working speed, while an optional multiple cut shearing head can be chosen to aid preparation of the input strip. All tools are fully adjustable and interchangeable; they can be changed quickly and easily to offer maximum flexibility over the entire production process. The most up to date technologies make welding suitable metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum simple and effective. There is also a special version of this durable and versatile gold pipe manufacturing machine for the creation of hollow rope chains, hollow wire earrings and bangles, plated pieces, wedding rings, gold-filled jewelry and similar items. 

An Invimec gold pipe making machine is a smart investment that will quickly pay for itself in terms of greater productivity and profit. Each gold forming machine is easy to install as part of a new set up or as an integral part of your existing production line. Invimec is at the forefront of design, development and manufacturing and its machinery is the first choice of prestigious metalworkers and jewelers across the globe.

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