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Tube & Pipe Applications
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Hollow wire, placcato, rope chain
  • Goldfilled
  • Spring rings
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Continuous 9 HEADS forming machine Continuous forming machine suitable for the production of profiles both welded and not, optimized for composite shapes, bimetallic like aggraffato, placcato and other hollow systems. After insertion, the machine works totally automatically; the core will remain always inserted even after the plate ends, starting with a new plate (even of a different material) is easy and quick.
Working speed is adjusted by means of a frequency inverter;. All tools are adjustable and interchangeable with extreme easiness and rapidity, to give the best flexilibity of production.
Studied for gold and silver hollow, automatic core preparation inline rolling without any scrap; wire output square, compacted, ready to be rolled in coils of any length; welding wires inserted directly in line.
Heads nr. 6 forming + 3 rolling
Output measures 4 to 8 mm (standard)
Core material copper, iron or else
Speed up to 15 mt/min
Nominal roll ø 91 mm
Output dimensions: standard from 4 to 8 mm with variable thicknesses, or upon request. Core material: copper, iron or other.

Structure: welded steel base, standard gear reducers, modular forming rolling heads, treated steel shafts, fitted shim regulation blocked.

Auxiliary devices:
  • - uncoiler device for core wire, plate and welding wires
  • - adjustable calendering device for output.

Dimensions: 1900 x 550 x h=1200 mm - Weight: 1200 kg

Wire ring forming machine

If you're looking for a wire ring forming machine, quality, precision and reliability are sure to be high on your list of priorities. You'll almost certainly want your equipment to be cost-effective and easy to program and operate.

Suitable for both tube and pipe, Invimec continuous forming machines allow you to produce both unwelded and welded profiles. They can be easily optimized for composite shapes and are ideal for the production of bi-metallic, plated, aggraffato, and other types of hollow metal jewelry

Update your production line with innovative gold forming machinery

Invimec leads the market in gold rolling and forming equipment and was the first company to introduce the jewelry industry to the rolling train concept. When you choose an Invimec wire ring forming machine, you're investing in a high-grade piece of equipment which will speed up your production line and save you money. Once installed, the nine-head continuous forming machine works automatically. Cores remain inserted even when the plate runs out allowing a new plate to start right away - even with different types of metal. A frequency inverter allows you to adjust the working speed of your wire ring making machine quickly and easily. Tools are also fully adjustable and can be interchanged with ease to give you more production line scope.

Flexible, efficient, and adjustable

Use your Invimec wire ring making machine to create beautiful:
  • - wedding rings
  • - engagement rings
  • - bangles
  • - collars
  • - rope chain
  • - earrings
  • - and other solid and hollow wire pieces.

With six forming and three rolling heads, these fully adjustable automated machines are suitable for gold, silver, or platinum as well as plated metals. Like all Invimec machinery, ring forming machinery can be altered to your specifications and easily installed. Take a closer look at the entire Invimec range of machinery for jewelers and related businesses or do feel free to contact our friendly team directly with any queries.
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