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Tube & Pipe
For over 40 years INVIMEC has been making profiling machines and machinery for producing and processing hollow tube.
Alongside the traditional models, INVIMEC is able to offer a patented profiling machine with a dual profiling head for the production of welded tube in different shapes and sizes, directly by the same machine.
Subsequent drawing, winding, incision and cutting operations are supported by a series of machines and equipment designed by the company to suit the specific requirements of the customer.
INVIMEC is therefore able to supply the complete line, from production of the welded tube to its folding, engraving, winding, cutting and later attachment of the clasp.

INVIMEC stands as world-leader for the forming-rolling machine to produce aggraffato, placcato, bi an tri-metallic profiles, with its outstanding top class 9 HEADS.

A wide range of machinery to completely satisfy the needs of manufacturers of beads, bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, rings and other items in hollow tube.