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Strip & Plate rolling mills For rolling metal strip and sheet, INVIMEC is recognised as a world leader and the first company to have introduced the rolling train concept to the jewellery industry.
The company makes models to suit all the changing needs of manufacturers of strip chain (ball chain, foldover, box, stamped, popcorn and all other types) and semi-finished goods, as the market continues to evolve.
INVIMEC strip rolling mills and line rolling machines with the train system make it possible to automate the production process of semi-finished goods, eliminating problems related to costs and to finding specialised personnel.
What is more, INVIMEC rolling trains reduce waste and the possibility of rolling errors so that subsequent processing by the chain machines can proceed without problems.

Plate rolling machine manufacturers

Invimec is one of the world's leading plate rolling machine manufacturers and known throughout the jewelry and metalworking sectors for its innovative range. Whether you're managing a small or medium-sized plant, you need plate rolling machines that you can count on. Invimec pioneered the rolling train concept for the jewelry industry, an idea that has since been universally adopted. These precise and reliable machines eliminate the need for manual operatives and significantly reduce your overall costs. Install Invimec plate rolling machinery, and you'll produce high-quality strip chain, plated metal, and bars accurately and with less waste. Plate rolling machinery is just one of Invimec's many success stories - take a closer look our products or read on for more details.

Discover easy-to-operate plate rolling machinery

Invimec produces a wide range of models to suit the requirements of a diverse and constantly changing client base; its plate rolling machines are suitable for all types of strip work and an invaluable asset to strip chain manufactures specializing in various types such as box chain, popcorn, strip, foldover, stamped, or ball chain. Strip and line rolling machines incorporate a train system that allows you to automate the production of semi-finished goods, and the number of stands is fully customizable according to the size and type of your plant. For example, standout equipment like the ENNE 130 multi-stand mill offers extreme flexibility. All parts are guarded throughout the production process, rolls and guides offer hands-free threading, and each step of the rolling sequence is fully automated.

Invimec is recognized throughout the jewelry manufacturing industry as one of the world's foremost plate rolling machine manufacturers and its innovative equipment is used by leading jewelers and goldsmiths. Whether you want simple, basic gold rolling mills, machinery that is customized to your individual specifications, or plate rolling machines that incorporate the latest advanced technology, Invimec is an inspired and cost-effective solution.