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Strip & Plate Applictions
  • Special and exotic alloys
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Welding wire
  • Brazing alloys
  • Precious metals
  • Hard-to-draw materials
  • BI and TRI-METALLIC materials
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
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Multi-stand mill ENNE130

Multi-stand mill suitable for cold rolling of plates, strips, flattened wire and bars.

The unique design gives extreme flexibility and power together with compact overall dimensions and very easy use; number of stand is completely customizable and chosen according to reduction and material to be deformed.
Safety is total as all parts are guarded during all operations and threading is completely hand-free, so the strip is fed and pass through the rolls and guides, all automatically till the end of rolling sequence.
The wide front of the machine allows very clear view of the rolling zone, as well as total safety conditions; easy access to all parts to inspect, maintain, check and adjust working conditions.
Stand modular, opening upgrade option
Max input thickness 6 mm
Min output thickness 0.20 mm
Max width 25 mm
Speed up to 30 mt/min
Roll ø 130 mm
Installed power (each stand) from 1.5 a 4.0 kW
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