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Strip & Plate Applictions
  • gold, silver, precious metals
  • special and exotic alloys
  • copper
  • brass
  • aluminum
  • lead
  • precious metals
  • brazing alloys
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Reversible 4-High rolling mill QR 65

4-High finishing rolling mill suitable for cold rolling of plates and strips, specific for reducing material to extremely small thicknesses.

Very strong and sturdy design to ensure maximum precision and consistency of the final thickness. The operation can be in short length as well as in coils using the reversible mode.

Operating principle

The configuration with 2 larger backup rolls avoid rolls deflection issues and allows the use of smaller work rolls.
This reduced work rolls diameter introduces some benefits:
- reduce the separating force during the reduction
- reduce the overall energy used for reducing material
- produce more consistent thickness output
- allows lower final output thickness
Position regulation The vertical regulation is performed by means of electromechanical actuators, with brushless motors and drive, high-precision encoder.
It features a single motor and gearbox for each side of the roll, so any correction can be easily performed through the HMI in any moment.
Easy switchable working modes:
- automatic with repetitive reduction schedules
- semi-automatic
- manual working
Automatic material breakage detection during the rolling pass.
Controls All controls are available on the hanging control panel, consisting of a wide touch-screen display and multiple controls, to easily set-up all parameters before and during the rolling pass.
Single jog and manual comands available for all functions. In the automatic mode, programs can be saved to store the complete sequence of rolling with all parameters as thickness, speed, coiler and uncoiler tension.
Lubrication Bearing lubrication is automatic and centralized with a unique circuit, pump and tank; oil is delivered to each one of the bearings individually with a proper timing. All bearings all sealed to prevent other lubricant and dirt to contaminate them. Options We offer several options to adapt the machine to each individual need:
- several coilers solutions
- inline thickness measurement
- inline width measurement
- cleaning blocks for ingoing/outgoing strip
- lubrication of rolls by air / liquid
- advanced feed back options for roll positioning that provide tight output tolerances
- remote assistence by web
Rolling mill can have multiple different configurations that depends on material type, thickness and yield strengths.
Overall dimensions Machine: 1500 x 1500 x 1900 (H) mm, weight 1850 kg
Cabinet: 800 x 500 x 1600 (H) mm, weigth 250 kg
Plate width from 10 to 50 mm
Max input 1.50 mm
Min output 0.05 mm
Tolerance 0.003 mm
Work rolls ø 65 x 140 mm
Backup rolls ø 160 x 140mm
Main motor 7.5 kW
Speed up to 30 mt/min
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