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Tandem rolling mills Applications
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Hollow wire, aggraffato, placcato
  • Goldfilled
  • Brazing alloys

Tandem rolling mills manufacturing

Streamline production with tandem rolling mills

Unlike traditional rolling mills that require several passes, Invimec tandem rolling mills complete the process in one pass. Invimec is a leading name in milling and rolling machines for the gold and precious metals industries. Our specially developed rolling mills have revolutionized the manufacturing process, allowing businesses to save time and money while retaining the highest standards of quality and precision. Each of our tandem mills for rolling wire, hollow tube or sheet metal can be easily installed into any existing or new set-up. Minimal supervision is required to operate and maintain these versatile mills, allowing you to deploy your workforce more profitably.

Flexible rolling machines for today's workforce

Invimec manufactures cold rolling mills, forming machines and specialized equipment: these versatile and cost-effective machines are predominantly used in jewelry manufacturing and finishing, although around 10% are used in various general industries where precision and continuity is important. Innovative products like our tandem rolling mills have played a vital role in the introduction of automated processes for works that were traditionally manual.

Today, tandem mills are chosen for their flexibility and reliability; they can also significantly cut costs across the entire production line since very little manual input is required. Although each rolling mill is complete, its compact overall measurements combined with its unique design features allow you to easily customize production lines with several stands.

Ideal solution for jewelers

Invimec rolling mills are the ideal solution for jewelers. They are suitable for all types of metal including:
  • - gold
  • - silver
  • - copper
  • - bi and tri-metallic materials
  • - plated metals
  • and even hard-to-draw materials.

Key advantages

A consistently precise and fine finish is achievable with minimum manual input and, of course, the entire process is completed in just one pass rather than several. The key advantages of tandem mills include the ability to reduce costs while improving the overall quality of finished products, particularly when the mills are integrated into a continually running production line. Whether you are a new start-up or an established jewelry brand, Invimec rolling machines allow you greater scope and flexibility. Because our mills are simple to operate yet unerringly precise, you'll be able to create the basic profiles for a diverse range of pieces including wedding and eternity rings, bracelets and bangles, chains, necklaces, and earrings with the minimum of expense and effort.
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