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Metal rolling mills Applications
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Plated pieces

Manufacturing of precious metal rolling mills

Invimec precious metal rolling mills are the ideal solution for jewelers and manufacturers who wish to streamline their production lines while maintaining the quality of their products. A recognized world leader, Invimec was the first company to introduce the jewelry and precious metal working industries to the train rolling concept. Today, the company makes a range of mills to suit the changing requirements of manufacturers in an ever-evolving market. Additionally, the train system allows you to automate processes that were traditionally carried out manually, saving you money and reducing the need for specialized operatives.

Rolling mills for strip and sheet metal

Whatever the size of your business, rolling mills for precious metal are an inspired investment; processing time is reduced and the train rolling mill requires no special training or supervision. Invimec offers various models for manufactures of semi-finished goods and strip chain, including foldover, stamped, popcorn, ball chain and all other types. Our versatile train rolling mills ensure precision and consistency throughout the entire process making it possible to produce high-quality gold, silver, copper or plated pieces with less waste and fewer rolling errors. Invimec rolling mills can be easily integrated with existing precious metal working equipment and more can be added according to your needs. 

Why choose us

Making the transition from manually operated machinery to Invimec precious metal rolling mills will increase the efficiency and productivity of your entire plant. Each mill can operate alone yet more stations can be added as your business grows. With less waste due to rolling error, your output will increase and your workshop or factory will be more streamlined and efficient. Rolling mills are essential for goldsmiths, silversmiths and precious metal workers who work with wire, sheet or tube metals. For example, the problems normally associated with hollow gold wire production are significantly reduced by correct initial preparation and the automated rolling process. You will notice consistently precise specifications across the entire length of the rolled wire, a vital consideration for manufacturers of chains, rings or paired items like earrings and bangles. Furthermore, when working with hollow wire for chains, train rolling mills ensure that a standard weight is maintained across the entire run. High quality is assured, allowing you to produce fine gold, silver or plated metal jewelry that meets the demands of today's competitive marketplace.