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Multi stand Applications
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Plated pieces

Manufacturing of multi stand rolling mills

Invimec multi stand rolling mills are used in the cold rolling of wire, bars, sheet metal and profiles. The company is a leading name in the development of machinery for the jewelry and metal working trades and was the first to offer automated rolling machines as an alternative to traditional manual mills. All Invimec multi stand mills can be easily customized to fit the customer's needs and they offer jewelers a faster, more efficient way of rolling precious metals like gold and silver. Unlike manual rolling mills, automated multi stand mills can be operated with no special training. Overall output is increased thanks to a faster runtime with less waste and they are an inspired addition to workshops or plants of any size. 


Rolling mills of this type are the ideal choice for businesses who want to effectively compete in today's more demanding marketplace as they enable you to build on manufacturing efficiency while maintaining stringent quality requirements. The main objective of rolling mill systems is to produce material that is uniformly consistent across its entire length with minimal or zero deviation in thickness. In jewelry making, this is especially important since pieces like bar chains, curb chains, belcher chains, strip chains and box chains often need to adhere to certain weight guidelines. Likewise, items like wedding rings and bangles should be the same thickness and breadth right around their circumference so it's essential that the rolled gold, silver or platinum meets these criteria before forming takes place.

Invimec's EFFE2015 multi stand rolling mills are an excellent example of a modern machine that can be used for precious metals as well as a host of other materials such as special or exotic alloys, brass, copper, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and bi and tri-metallic materials. Perhaps you're looking for multi stand mills for rolling strips, plates, or flattened wire or bars. Milling machines from Invimec's ENNE130, ENNE150, and ENNE104 collection are the smart solution for those who want flexible equipment that can deal with a variety of materials yet doesn't require extra space or staff training. In fact, the unique hands-free design combines outstanding flexibility and power with ease of use and compact overall dimensions and each can be tailored according to the type of material you are using.