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Rolling machines Applications
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Manufacturing of high quality jewelry rolling machines

Whether you're starting a new business or refurbishing an existing workshop, having a reliable jewelry rolling machine manufacturer in your contacts list is essential. Invimec has been designing, manufacturing and supplying machinery to the jewelry and precious metals sector for over forty years. The company was the first to present the innovative automated train mill system and continues to develop efficient and versatile milling and forming machines for clients who demand the best. As a market leader and one of the world's foremost jewelry making machines suppliers, Invimec is your ideal partner for the future.

What type of equipment is available?

90% of Invimec's outstanding rolling mills and forming machines are created for the jewelry sector with 10% going to customers from various industrial backgrounds. With models to suit the needs of a diverse range of manufacturers such as wedding ring specialists or those producing various types of strip chain including foldover, box, stamped, popcorn and ball chain, Invimec is the jewelry making machines supplier with an eye on today's competitive market. The company is aware that different clients have vastly different needs and its rolling mills have been designed to accommodate them. For example, its multi stand mills for the cold rolling of strip, wire, bars and plate metal can be tailored to your needs; the number of stands dependent on the material being processed and your overall productivity.

International shipping

Cost-effective rolling mills save you both time and money by replacing a process that was normally undertaken by skilled manual workers with an automated production line. There is no longer the need to allocate specially trained personnel to the task, the complete rolling operation is performed accurately and easily with minimal supervision. And, as international jewelry making machines suppliers, Invimec can deliver its automated train rolling mills to various locations including Indonesia, India, Thailand, China and Malaysia. Take a closer look at the full Invimec range of products or contact us by email or telephone if you require further information about equipment supply and delivery.