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Machines for Goldsmiths Applications
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Manufacturing of rolling machines suitable for goldsmiths

Do you demand goldsmith rolling machines that are precise, cost-effective and reliable? Invimec is a market leader and its rolling mills have transformed the precious metals industry. It was the first company to develop and introduce the automated train rolling system as an alternative to manual processing. When searching for goldsmith tools for specific items like wedding rings or chain jewelry, quality and precision are vital. Invimec rolling mills offer accuracy and consistency throughout the entire process and waste due to error is significantly reduced. And, because no special training is required, you don't have to employ or supervise specialized staff.

The modern solution

A skilled craftsman needs the right goldsmith tools to create beautiful pieces for today's competitive marketplace. It's likely that you will be skilled in soldering, forging, casting and polishing as well as forming and rolling. However, rolling is probably the most important initial step.
Traditionally, rolling was done by hand on manually operated machines; machines that took up both space and time and which needed skilled operators. In the past, goldsmiths also worked with tools like the triblet; an ancient item that was used to form wedding rings. Invimec has now revolutionized the gold wire, sheet and plate rolling process with versatile automated mills that are easy to operate and which require no special training. Precise and reliable, goldsmiths find that these automated rolling systems better meet the demands of an evolving and ever-changing consumer base.

Modern manufacturing processes combined with equipment like Invimec's EFFE 2006, EFFE 2009, or ETNA goldsmith rolling machines ensure that precision and quality go hand in hand. Once installed, you will recoup your initial outlay in a very short time and these versatile machines are ideal for craftsmen who work with other precious metals like silver and platinum. These efficient Invimec goldsmith tools reduce waste due to rolling error and because they need little supervision, you don't need to employ extra staff to operate them. They can be easily added to your production line and each unit takes up less space than the number of manual gold rolling machines and operators that would be needed to achieve the same output. Plus, as your business becomes more productive, you can add extra rolling machines at any time. Invimec also offers a vast range of machinery for specific types of precious metal work such as hollow chain rolling, aggraffato hollow wire, or continuous placatto.