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Jewerly making machines

Jewerly making machines

Invimec is among the manufacturers specialized in Jewerly making machines, such as rolling mills. Specific and niche problems can be solved thanks to the long experience and know-how achieved, especially in small and medium productions.
Winning tool of the company is the total modularity of the gold jewellery making machines, customizable depending on specific requests, even combining rolling and forming units to produce rolled/profiled products.

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Rolling mills for jewelry making

Rolling mills for jewelry making can transform your production line into the fast and efficient set up you have always dreamt of. Whether you are a new or established business, the quality of your end product depends on the quality and efficiency of the equipment you use. Before final steps like engraving and finishing can take place, the metal has to be formed by manufacturing machines that have been specially designed for the task. Jewelers and metal workers all over the world look to companies like Invimec for equipment and machinery that is efficient, reliable and cost effective.

Create unique pieces with Invimec

Invimec has continued to develop its range of rolling mills since it first began producing innovative equipment that marked a new concept in gold wire and strip metal processing back in 2000. These versatile machines are ideal for all small to medium operations and they can be installed quickly and easily. Invimec multi-stand independent motion, single-drive rolling mills require no special training to operate and need very little supervision. Automated production cuts the margin for error and, when combined with the correct folded tube preparation, it can optimize any subsequent processing by chain machines. Rolling machines are ideal for wire, strip, plate, and flattened wire work, allowing you to create a wide range of products with little waste. Today Invimec is a market leader offering its clients both the simplest and most cost-effective solutions as well as the most technologically advanced. 

Versatile and economical jewerly manufacturing machines

Invimec's range of gold jewelry making machines is the first choice of prestigious jewelers and goldsmiths who want equipment that can roll wire, strips, pipes, profiles and tubes. The company was the first to introduce the jewelry industry to the rolling train concept and offers a range of machinery that suits the changing needs of a diverse client base. For example, Invimec develops its strip rolling and line rolling machines for the manufacture of
  • - strip chain
  • - ball chain
  • - box
  • - stamped
  • - foldover
  • - popcorn
and many other types of chain as the market evolves. Installing specialized equipment like this will ultimately save you time and money. You'll soon get back your initial costs; these innovative jewelry manufacturing machines have a train system that makes it possible to automate the production of semi-finished pieces and eliminates the need for specialized operatives.

Invimec takes each step of the hollow wire production process into consideration. From lining to rolling to the required diameter, train rolling mills for jewelry making allow you to obtain high-quality hollow wire that is consistent along its entire length - a huge advantage for jewelers who specialize in hollow wire pieces like bangles, rings, and earrings. Your costs will be lower too; you won't have to hire trained or specialized operatives and the automated process offers a significant reduction in processing time. Some of the many advantages of choosing Invimec gold jewelry manufacturing machines include:
  • - Maintenance of quality standards
  • - Consistently accurate finished products
  • - Less waste
  • - Shorter processing time
  • - Less need for supervision and the possibility of hiring semi-skilled or untrained operatives

These are just a few of the advantages that enable Invimec customers to maximize their standing in a highly competitive market. Learn more about our wide range of industry-centric products: we can also tailor our gold jewelry making machines to your specific needs, so do feel free to contact us for further details.