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Manufacturing of high quality jewelry rolling machines

Invimec specializes in the development and manufacture of cold rolling mills and forming machines. Although designed primarily for the jewelry business, the company's versatile machinery is also chosen by discerning clients from various industrial fields including engineering and welding, medical equipment, and the electronics industry. Based in Italy, the company has over forty years of experience and knowledge and is considered an innovator and a market leader. In fact, Invimec was the first to introduce the automated train rolling system as a viable alternative to hand-operated manual milling machines. Today, the brand continues to grow and develop, offering a range of products that are valued by its international client base.

Modularity and customization

The complete modularity of its multi stand tandem rolling mills is one of Invimec's main areas of expertise. These versatile machines are fully customizable and can be tailored to the client's specifications. It is even possible to combine rolling and forming units to facilitate the production of rolled/profiled goods. Multi stand tandem rolling mills are ideal for those who create semi-finished and finished goods from special alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, precious metals like gold, silver and platinum and most other types of metal.

Invimec products for today's marketplace

Invimec rolling mills and forming machines have been designed to keep pace with the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. The company has built its reputation on the precision and accuracy of its products and offers a range of machinery for those who work with wire, strip, rolls or tube metal. For example, the company's EFFE and ETNA train rolling mills are ideal for the cold rolling of hollow wire. Other standout products include the DOUBLE, a patented profiling machine with dual heads that can produce welded tube in a range of shapes and sizes and the 9 HEAD forming machine for the production of placcato, aggraffato, bi and tri-metallic profiles. Four decades on, Invimec continues to lead the way.