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Our History
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Tradition and innovation since 1963
INVIMEC was founded in 1963 in Vicenza. The business started with the production of machine tools and special machines for the mechanics, plastics, textile, automotive etc. industries.

As the years went on, INVIMEC consolidated its relations with the various branches of mechanics and began to specialise in the production of rolling and forming machines for the small and medium productions.
In 1996 the company moved to new, larger, custom-designed headquarters, at the border of Vicenza, near the Trade Fair pavilions.

Starting from 2000, the company has developed a new concept of rolling mills for wire and strip industry: the multi-stand independent motion rolling mills (SINGLE-DRIVE) for wires, strips, plates and flattened wires.

Nowadays INVIMEC stands alone on the market in offering the broadest and most diversified range of solutions, from the simplest and most economical to the most technologically advanced machines for rolling wire, strips, profiles, tubes and pipes as well as rolls for rolling, forming, profiling and cutting shears.
Installations are present in Italy as well as all continents, thanks to a lean and dynamic company structure, focused on listening to customer's requests to be solved with the best technologies available.
The organization is lean and flexible, able to give fast answers to market and customers with high expertise.

Mechanical and electrical designing, as well as software development, is carried out internally and in cooperation with external experts to implement always the best solution available.

The production is completely internal, thanks to a complete workshop with the most up-to-date mdoern technologies; all phases are subjected to strict checks of conformity and quality; an internal informative system manages all production steps and allow traceability of all products.

In the assembling, control and check departments all plants are tested with customer materials to ensure during final commissioning the agredd performance.

Technical assistance is carried out directly from the headquartes, through phone help or by web, with spare parts delivery and, whenever necessary, with an engineer sent by the customer's site.

invime storia
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India Gem & Jewellery Machine Expo

Invimec exhibit at India Gem & Jewellery Machine Expo, an international fair dedicated to machinery and tools for gold jewelry production. Will be held in Mumbay exhibition centre , 9 to 12 February 2018.

HONG KONG Jewellery show

Invimec exhibit at HONG KONG Jewellery show will be held at Hong Kong convention and exhibition(AFEMO Booth). 1-5 March 2018.

Istanbul Jewelry show
Invimec exhibit at Istanbul Jewelry show will be held in Istanbul, Turkey at Mega Hall pavillion 22-25 March 2018.

Dusseldorf WIRE &TUBE show
Invimec exhibit at WIRE &TUBE show will be held in Dusseldorf from 16 to 20 April 2018.

OroArezzo Jewelry show
Invimec exhibit at OroArezzo Jewelry show will be held in Arezzo From 5 to 8 May 2018 at Tech pavilion

HONG KONG Jewellery show
Invimec exhibit at HONG KONG Jewellery show will be held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, 14-18 September 2018